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Analysis 2019 Q2 – 2020 Q2




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Autofelszerelesek.hu is a webstore engaged in the sales of special automobile accessories and has been present at the Hungarian market for more than 15 years. Their range of products has been relatively stable, and only a few categories of products have been added during the last years. As a result of the increasing competition and the newest technological developments (online marketing tools and webshop functionality), the productivity of the webshop has been placed in a less favorable situation.

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The webshop renewed the design for 2020 and restructured its products. Taking advantage of this, by Q2 of 2020, we have almost fully switched to unleashing the potential in Google Ads Smart systems. The Smart Shopping solution has been given prominence, thus becoming one of the most important sources of income. Dynamic search campaigns have also made good progress, but the biggest development was the reform of the bid strategies. Campaigns have gradually shifted from manual CPC setting to the Maximize conversions bid strategy. As a result, by Q2 of 2020 there has been an 88% income growth for Google Ads campaigns. Parallel to the growth in income, the charges for clicks have been decreased, and the rates related to return have been strengthened. Between Q2 of 2019 and Q2 of 2020, there was a 13% CPC decrease, 88% of income growth, and 50% of growth in the number of transactions. As a result of the automated bidding, contrary to last year, this year we had the possibility to increase by 1.5 times our online spending (Google Ads) in accordance with the ROI+ approach, and with these solutions we are expecting further growth in the future.