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Online commerce trends in Hungary

Online commerce is booming in Hungary. It has done so especially in the last year, as the coronavirus pandemic made brick-and-mortar shopping dangerous and inconvenient. As online shopping and home delivery are now the new “normal”, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of digital marketing. Additionally, more and more foreign companies are recognising the potential in Hungarian shoppers; to be successful on the Hungarian market, however, one must be aware of local specificities.

Online shopping habits in Hungary

Surveys show that about 70% of the population (6.8 million people) are active internet users, and about 5 million of them regularly shop online. The overwhelming majority of online shoppers are between 25 and 55, and only 10% of them use mobile devices for shopping. The remaining 90% rather sit down to the computer if they wanted to order something. The most popular products are electronic devices, household appliances, and toys. Distinctively, a large part of the users in the Hungarian market do not speak foreign languages; a company seeking success in Hungary should, therefore, have good-quality translations to address their potential customers.

What to bear in mind when opening a Hungarian online shop?

Identifying the legal background is essential, because special licenses are, for example, necessary to merchandize certain products (e.g. tobacco products) in Hungary. Social media channels are very popular among Hungarians. Facebook and Instagram should, therefore, be given great emphasis when planning the marketing campaign. These social media platforms can, of course, only be truly efficient if your pages have large follower bases, which you can, however, not build overnight. Among Hungarians, the most popular payment method is “cash on delivery”. A company not offering its shoppers the option to pay invoices in cash upon receipt could, therefore, lose many potential orders.


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