The campaign types available from your AdWords account include Search, Display, Display-Remarketing, Youtube and Gmail campaigns. The flagship sales tool is Search campaign while the other campaign types are used primarily for building your brand.

The AdWords Search campaigns: the keywords entered in the Google search engine trigger your advertisement to be displayed for which you do not have to pay anything unless someone clicks on your advertisement. This is an effective campaign type because if anybody writes something in the search bar they already have a sense of problem, i.e. they are in a near-decision situation. From this point on, it is up to you to convert browsers into buyers. For this you need a well-worded ad, a landing page that clearly reflects your sales leads and a simple checkout process. It is important that, in addition to geographical and language targeting, the search campaign should define targeting with positive and negative keywords and keyword match types so that it can reach the most relevant target audience and you can direct high-value browsers to your website.

About AdWords Display campaigns: these campaigns are excellent tools for brand building. Targeting is done on the basis of keywords, location of interest, topics, location, demography or remarketing. Opposed to search campaigns, there are several types of pricing model: you can pay on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) or on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Youtube campaigns can appear in embedded videos or in the headline of searches while Gmail campaigns can land in “Promotional messages”. These forms of advertising are designed to attract attention: the more attractive they are, the more successful they will get.

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Balázs Ladovszki, Sales Manager, Cityfood
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András Muhi, Managing Director, Concord Translation
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András Nyikos, Managing Director, Hidegkút Guest House
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Mária Muhi, Psychologist, Csalá