WHAT MAKES A LANDING PAGE GOOD?But first, what is a landing page?

Your customer acquisition channels might be good and well-developed, they will, however, be of no use if the page which they point to at the end of the processes does not serve your goals as it should! You can create a sophisticated sales funnel, lead those who are interested along it; at the end, however, if it does not do what you would like it to do on the website, then all your efforts were in vain.
The landing page is, therefore, a target page all the details of which serve the goal for which you run your entire marketing system. This goal (or, in other words, conversion) can be buying, newsletter subscription, filling in of a contact form or anything else you would like visitors to do.

When do you need it?

If you advertise on any platform, and your website has more than one pages, visitors’ attention can easily be distracted. Let’s say, for example, that somebody googles your product and, by clicking on your advertisement on the search results page, gets (if everything goes well) to the right product page. On the product page, he sees something interesting in the top menu bar—and that’s it, he has just left your site, though he was only a click away from buying. To avoid this, landing pages are needed almost all the time.

What makes it good?

The first thing we think about when making a landing page is the right structure. The focus here should be on simplicity. You should not distract visitors’ attention with unnecessary elements. You are ready when the target page is built up from the least possible components and in the right order. The target button or form must always get above the fold. It must be visible immediately after the page has loaded, without any scrolling. The other elements must direct to the target. Another general rule is that the page should appear optimized and responsive on all devices. It is a frequent mistake that sales benefits (USPs) do not appear spectacularly enough on smaller screens or the logical structure falls apart or gets mixed up.
If it is not instantly clear what the page is about, a lot of visitors will leave it without doing anything on it. A high bounce rate surely means that our message does not get through.
A landing page should always have one goal only! It isn’t a problem if you wanted to do multiple things, but you must then make separate pages for all conversion goals.
If you have finished the page, the job is still only half done. If you wanted to maximize your results, you should want to make multiple versions and select the best variant with A-B testing. You should, however, take care to change only one thing at a time. You will otherwise not know which modification caused change(s) in your result.

What is it built from?

Like visual content, texts should also be minimalistic. Short and direct writing that focuses on the benefits and features is the best.
A good image is simple and relevant. Our brain can process image information much quicker; images can, therefore, be excellent tools to draw attention. You should take the time to find and choose the best images. People usually find images of a face or a hand more interesting. Directing the look of the face or the pointing of the hands in the image can efficiently direct the visitor’s attention towards elements that are important for you.
The endpoints of the processes are the buttons with which conversion is actually done. Typically, these are the “Order” buttons of web-shops or the “Submit” button of forms. You can exploit their optimization opportunities by changing their color, texture or, what is most important, their caption. The above captions are actually bad examples. More specific captions have almost always better results. For example, you should write “I order the product” instead of “Order” or “I submit my data” instead of “Submit”. The buttons you use should only be goal-performing buttons. Other ones would only distract focus.
Managing the concerns of and reassuring potential customers or clients are among the most important tasks in all fields of marketing. You can increase your reliability by communicating customer feedbacks, presenting your warranties and displaying your results and awards, which will have a significant impact on your results.

Who does this?

Landing pages get the highest significance in the case of paid campaign elements. At us, Drive Online, this is the reason why it is the part of the job of AdWords account managers to design landing pages that best support sales goals, because without them, as we said in the introduction, advertisements would be of no use, desired goals would often not be accomplished.

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