An agency’s life. Part 3: Even Rome was not built in a day

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Nowadays we think it is normal if you have money enough to pay for speed then you can get almost anything within minutes, hours or a few days at maximum. There are, however, things one cannot hurry to grow. It does not matter how much money you spend on it, a tree still requires [...]

An agency’s life. Part 2: What does chemistry have to do with online marketing?

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Human relationships have a component that is invisible and difficult to determine. It determines whom we regard as sympathetic, whom we friend or whom can we effectively work together with. As the key to the joint work of online marketing agencies and clients is cooperation, it is worth analyzing this invisible factor a bit, which [...]

An agency’s life. Part 1: Is it a service provider? No, it’s a Partner!

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All relatively new fields in which we don’t have habits and patterns established over generations or guidance from our parents or teachers often have misconceptions and misunderstandings. Many still think that what online marketing agencies do is blurry hocus-pocus; expectations are, therefore, often far from reality. The most common misunderstanding comes from the fact [...]

Why should not you stop your brand campaign?

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In the recent years, many company managers have asked themselves the question whether it is worth spending money on advertising the keywords of the own brand. Opinions differ; some articles suggest that this is just wasting of money, while others say that not spending on it is business suicide. Advertising brand expressions is actually [...]

The unit of e-commerce, or the secrets of the conversion rate

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In e-commerce, the “conversion rate” shows how many visits on the page become buying during a given period. As the success of online sales depends on how efficiently you can turn passive viewers into paying customers, the conversion rate is the most important indicator in this field. Let’s say a website had one thousand [...]

How many seconds does it take for you to lose your patience?

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If it takes more than three seconds, then you are more patient than the average. Google ordered a survey that covered 63 countries and asked 79 thousand people about their use of the Internet. The study revealed, among other things, that if it takes more than three seconds for our mobile phone to load [...]