Would you like to do something very well?

Would you like to change the world around?

Are you interested in online marketing?

Would you like to improve yourself constantly?

Join our team and, working as a WordPress web designer, develop together with one of the most dynamically growing online marketing agencies in Hungary.

What can you expect from us?

  • Nice atmosphere and team spirit.
  • Lot of exciting challenges
  • PPC, Social and SEO campaigns
  • Innovative way of thinking
  • Anything you invent might be implemented…

What are our team members like? (It is good if you are like them)

  • We are experts of online marketing
  • We are experts of AdWords and Facebook advertising
  • We constantly develop day by day
  • It is important for us to help others
  • We like to learn new things
  • We love it if someone has new ideas.


  • Customer care
  • Creation and introduction of new campaign elements
  • Organisation of marketing strategies
  • Internal quality control
  • Competitor analysis
  • And there are also some very useful but boring tasks, too :)

If you are interested in the above job, please, send your CV without indicating your remuneration requests to

Opinions from our newest team members


The induction programme was very intense right from the first day, there is no idling at Drive. Balázs and the others give you tasks that provide you the chance to unfold. If you are good at something, they make you know that, if you do something bad, there is no shouting, as we can learn from every mistake, and this will eventually help the company to develop. Self-education is important to me, and here I can have everything for that. Professional conferences, Google days, in-house library. The expectations are high, but we can also relax: we go to escape games, have cake time together in the office…


I chose Drive Online Marketing because they develop a complex, long-term strategy for every customer with a high ROI and do not only offer isolated marketing as opposed to many other “online marketing” agencies. They have a diverse and constantly increasing clientele and you can also have a cup of delicious capsule coffee. However, bear in mind that you should not go to work in the morning unless you already drank 2 cups of coffee ? Our brainstorming tables and super comfy bean bag chairs also await you.

Drive Online Marketing for a better world

Our mission is to bring as many benefits to society as possible, to which end we provide continuous professional and financial support for public-benefit NGOs.

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