How do you make your first Facebook ad and which type of advertisement should you choose from the many available? When should you use Facebook boosted posts and when link ad campaigns? Why is it worth collecting a fan base on Facebook? How should we reach people who we want to attract to our shop with a unique selling proposition? At our Facebook training course, we would like to answer these and similar questions and help those who wish to learn in detail how the world’s biggest social media site works.

Our beginners course is ideal for those who are aware that Facebook marketing is extraordinarily important for any brand and wish to better understand how Facebook works and to effectively manage their corporate website or who have questions which they want to be answered by an expert. You do not need any previous qualification for our training course, only user-level knowledge of using computers and internet.

Benefit: Your own corporate Facebook page

What do the abbreviations CPC and CTR mean? Why should we pay attention to these, where do our finished advertisements appear? Did you know for instance that using Facebook advertising today not only Facebook users but also other users in the so-called target audience networks can be reached? What information does Facebook collect about users, and how can you integrate this knowledge in your targeting strategy? In general, why is it important to have well-designed targeting on Facebook?

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Facebook Basics training course.