How many seconds does it take for you to lose your patience?

If it takes more than three seconds, then you are more patient than the average. Google ordered a survey that covered 63 countries and asked 79 thousand people about their use of the Internet. The study revealed, among other things, that if it takes more than three seconds for our mobile phone to load a website, then more than half the users will lose their patience and stop their visit.

It is an old commonplace that the key to (business) success is seeing difficulties as challenges and opportunities, and not as problems. This applies exponentially to this case. You can, of course, whine about how different things were a couple of generation ago, and that our world moves way too fast; it would, however, not make much sense. On the one hand, we do not care what options people had a hundred years ago when they wanted information about something immediately, on the other hand, times and the way things are done have indeed changed, and if you do not want to fall, then you need to adapt.

The study the results of which were reported in prominent online newspapers like Piac és Profit, or also offered the opportunity for DriveOnline to share its experience in online sales with the readers. We could use Cityfood as an example to show that money invested in the development of cellphone-friendly websites would pay off many times over.
By exploiting nationwide press releases, we tried to draw attention to the fact that it is better to look into the future and keep up with the changes (instead of looking back with fondness on the past), because, if you fall behind, you will lag behind and lose your competitive edge.

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