Human relationships have a component that is invisible and difficult to determine.Human relationships have a component that is invisible and difficult to determine. It determines whom we regard as sympathetic, whom we friend or whom can we effectively work together with. As the key to the joint work of online marketing agencies and clients is cooperation, it is worth analyzing this invisible factor a bit, which is usually called chemistry.

The most important thing about this is perhaps that if the chemistry does not work between two people, then it is not by all means the fault of one of them, it is just simply not there. Romeo and Juliet could immediately feel the chemistry between each other; it is, however, not likely that they would have died for somebody else as well. As online marketing is not a service, but a partnership based on a great deal of communication and cooperation, chemistry between the parties is key; it will otherwise not work, even despite their best efforts.

This chemistry is responsible for the client’s trust in the agency, the client’s readiness to disclose its figures that are business secrets, the client’s ordering the development of a long-term strategy, and the client’s acceptance of the suggestions for improvement of the marketing experts. Online marketing agencies do not sell a recipe for success, there is no general formula that guarantees a boost in the turnover of all businesses. The whole process starts with a comprehensive diagnosis; after all, you would not trust a heart surgeon either if he suggested immediate operation without any preliminary examination, right? The examination covers four areas: Facebook target group, Google keyword data, website audit and peer group analysis. As soon as it is done, the joint work can start; we can, however, not stress enough that this joint work can only be successful if there is trust and cooperation, and these require good chemistry between the parties involved. This is why, during the first interview, not only the client examines the agency, but the agency also assesses the client, and they decide together whether they would like to work together.

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