Even Rome was not built in a day

Nowadays we think it is normal if you have money enough to pay for speed then you can get almost anything within minutes, hours or a few days at maximum. There are, however, things one cannot hurry to grow. It does not matter how much money you spend on it, a tree still requires time to grow, you still require time to learn a language, and your business still requires time to get at the top of the Google search list with AdWords campaigns or search engine optimization.

The ideal relationship between online marketing agencies and clients does not only require good chemistry and cooperation, but patience as well – which should primarily come from the client. If a business wanted to advertise in the printed version of Vanity Fair or during the Super Bowl commercial breaks, then it needs a lot of money. In turn, if you want to use Google AdWords to promote your product or business, then you do not only need to invest a lot in the campaign, but you also need to find an online marketing expert and be patient until your effort comes to fruition. Good, data-based decisions need statistical population and significant differences of the variables. If we modify too often or change too many variables at the same time, then our decision will not be sound.

Measuring how much the cherries on the tree in our garden have grown several times a day will not lead to earlier harvest. In the same way, it’s no use checking every hour after launching the campaign where our website appears in the Google search list, this will not speed up the process, because this is not the way search engine marketing works. You cannot penetrate a market just in a few minutes; to accomplish a goal of this magnitude, you need money, a well-thought-out strategy, and patience; if you lack any of these three, then you’ll have much less chance for success.

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